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We are a sister site to Snickersdoodles which is located just north of Austin, Texas.  Snickersdoodles has become very well known for their wonderful Goldendoodle puppies.  Everything I have learned about Goldendoodles has been taught to me by the best - Snickersdoodles. What a better mentor than my very own sister :)


We are confident in the way we hand-raise our puppies inside our home that we will stand by our puppies with an amazing health guarantee. Our health guarantee covers all life-threatening genetic disorders AND even GUARANTEES the puppy will arrive to you healthy. We believe it is our (the breeders) responsibility to sell healthy puppies then it's your (the new owners) responsibility to KEEP the puppy healthy throughout it's life.  Families that keep the puppy on Paw Tree Dog food will even get a 3 year extension with their health guarantee as a reward for continuing to provide their puppy with optimal nutrition. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR TO ORDER PAW TREE FOR YOUR PET TODAY!!


If you are considering the possibility of adding a Grateful Doodle puppy to your family, we would love to speak to you and assist you in making an educated decision about the right choice of a dog for your family. We are happy to place our puppies with loving, responsible families who have the time, resources and facilities to provide a good, permanent home for their puppy.


Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Jacksonville Florida
Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Jacksonville Florida

Orange Park, FL

Austin, TX (sister site)

Potential buyers should have a stable home environment with a yard and be willing to attend obedience classes. Above all, your puppy must live in your home with you and be part of the family. We enjoy staying in touch with our pups and their families after they leave us, and are happy to provide any support that may be needed as you adjust to life with your new family member. We sincerely hope that all of our puppy placements are permanent; however, in the event that the new owners are unable to keep their puppy for any reason, we ask that the puppy be returned to us so that we can place it in a suitable new home.


Thank you for visiting our website and we truly hope you enjoy browsing around. Please feel free to contact us anytime as we love getting to know new families as well as staying in touch with adopting families.  We truly appreciate all the love & support you have all shown us and we hope to continue to blend families together with their dream babies!


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